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 Happy June!

Grayson County Department of Social Services is still staffed and open Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. 

We will be closed on
Friday June 18, 2021
in observance of a state holiday. We will reopen on

Monday June 21, 2021 at 8:00 AM. 

Please call before you visit the office to make an appointment as access is still limited. We will still be happy to assist you via phone, email or mail.

Grayson County Covid-19 Helpline 



Applications for SNAP, TANF, VIEW, Medicaid, and Cooling Assistance are now in a covered box outside the office for your convenience.


These manual applications must be returned via the mail, fax or use the DSS drop-box at the end of the cement wall as you approach our exterior door (behind the light post).

SNAP 2021 News:

Emergency SNAP Allotments:

Emergency SNAP Allotments will be available on

March 25, 2020, April 16, 2020, May 11, 2020 June 17, 2020, July 16, 2020, August 16, 2020, September 16, 2020, October 16, 2020, November 16, 2020, December 16, 2020, continuing into 2021

on January 16, 2021, February 16, 2021, March 16, 2021, April 16, 2021, May 16, 2021 & June 16, 2021.

These allotments are meant to increase the household's SNAP benefit to the maximum benefit for that household's size. No additional action is needed as this will happen automatically. If the household is already receiving the maximum benefit, there will not be an emergency allotment disbursed. 


* Emergency SNAP benefits will continue for June 2021. June's issuance of Emergency SNAP is scheduled for June 16, 2021. *

Pandemic EBT:

Virginia will also issue Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits for children who are eligible for free and reduced lunch. Grayson County Public Schools will be distributing them. If the child's address on file at their school is not correct, please contact the school by May 5, 2020 to update it. If your child is already on a SNAP case, their additional benefits will be disbursed to that card.  


SNAP Online Purchasing:

VDSS is pleased to announce that effective May 29, 2020, SNAP recipients in Virginia may purchase food from approved online retailers using their EBT card!


Currently, the approved online retailers are Amazon and Walmart. Both retailers provide information on their website about using EBT for online purchases. SNAP benefits may only be used to purchase eligible food. Delivery fees and other associated charges may not be paid for with SNAP benefits.

Starting September 2019:

A representative from Grayson County Social Services and Grayson County Sheriff's Office will be available at the Community Center in Whitetop every first Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm  and at the Recreation Center in Fries on every first Thursday of each month from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. This Community Outreach program will provide citizens within these areas the convenience to access services offered by GCDSS and GCSO a little closer to home. This new Integrated Service Model approach will provide a GCDSS worker that is trained in all program areas from Medicaid, TANF, SNAP, Family (Prevention, Child Protective Services, Foster Care) and Adult Services and an Investigator from GCSO will also be available for citizens regarding any and all issues involving safety and community concerns.

Local Board Meetings:
Thursday July 15, 2021 at 8:30 am
Thursday September 16, 2021 at 8:30 am